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          Robotix Technologies

                 -Expose yourself to the world of anti radaition

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Robotix Technologies is a great venture in the field of Educational robots and master distributor of anti radiation chips. We comes up with exhaustive one day training program on ROBOTICS for the students. These  programs are succeeded at giving in depth fundamental knowledge and exposing students to practical working environments of the industry. This will definitely help the students for their mini and main projects and improve innovative thinking ability. What this training program aims to achieve is to push their limits, to further fuel their passion for robotics. We had well trained faculty to train the students on robotics.

                  Our robotic camp encourages the students to choose robotics as one of their career opportunities. Besides, we are going to provide part time job opportunities, and also a free self improvement kit which includes educational software, interview kit, spoken English kit and many more.,

Vision:     To become a leader in the field of educational robots,Anti Radiation and providing part time jobs in online.

Mission: Creating awareness among the students about robotics and part time jobs in online by conducting robo camps.