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1. Nobody knows the future. If everything goes well then these predictions will be meaningful.

2.There is no force to join. Its your choice to join or not.

3. Before joining please do research on company and company projects.

4. If you feel some growth is there then only take decision.

5.You can  directly buy from exchange also. If you buy through us some extra benefits you will get.

6.Please apply your due diligence for taking any next step.

7.Predictions done just to show the growth. This predictions directly proportional to growth of projects.

8.If you feel anything is wrong please report us.

9.No promises - No Guarantees - No refunds shall be entertained.

10. If you are ready to take risk then only please join and read all information in official websites.

11.If you want to join please do research and make own decisions.We only guide the path, you will have to walk the way.

12.Creating YEM wallet is absolutely FREE no need to pay even single rupee. But in future if you want get more out of YEM then only buy the YEM.

13. Crypto Currency investments are subject to market risk. Please purchase or invest whatever you afford to loose.

14.We are giving YEM as complimentary  after purchasing E learning course.

15. Bookings open and close based on stock availability and it is dynamic.

16. As of now no ban in INDIA..In future in case of any issues we are not responsible.

17. helps you to get the YEM with extra benefits..

18. is not responsible to sell the YEM that you have purchased, It will give you tips and guidance..

19.If everything goes fine will give you the tips and guidance to sell YEM in future..We don't support anyone who want to sell immediately. We will try to give tips after 2 to 3 years only... This is due to YEM is in initial stage to create demand it takes time...Users can sell YEM via offline/online exchange process without our help also...Giving tips and guidance is a purely optional..

20. responsibility is to load the YEM to your wallet based on purchase.

21. In future any issues related to your account you need to contact or touch with YEM foundation.

22.There are three types of options that we showed regards cash out of YEM like 1.Offline Exchange 2.Global Exchange and 3.Shopping it is not mandatory that all these options available to cash out..There is a chance any one of the option will be available or all the three options will be available..But,  all these developments in the hands of YEM foundation.

23. is having right to stop the service at any point of time...before stopping the service it will give all the relevant information to its members like in case of any issues how to contact YEM team etc.,

24.YEM is not for short term..if you able to wait another 2 to 3 years then only buy YEM..

25.Information collected via onlinetime contests will be used for promotional purpose.

We are routing to respective websites when users click on those links.

We are only sharing opportunities available in online. Joining and following our tips 100% based on user choice. We are not forcing  but we are just sharing all positive and negatives about those opportunities. 

If we know any opportunity is fake or scam . We will inform our users as soon as possible.

But users need to do due diligence before joining and investing any opportunity.

We are not responsible for any financial loss or anything. The purpose of this website sharing knowledge about online money making opportunities.

We will not disclose your information to anyone, All the collected information, we can use to promote the products and marketing purpose only.

Management will change terms and conditions on regular basis for the benefit of the website.

If any existing customer or new customer disturb us we will stop the services to support them.

This opportunity strictly for the people 18+ age.

Thank you.